UCU Pavilion is the home to the Saint Mary's men's basketball, women's basketball and volleyball teams. The Pavilion features a 3,500-seat basketball court with six moveable baskets. Large, boisterous crowds are the norm for Saint Mary's games, giving the Gaels a great haven and supplying the opposition's coaches numerous nightmares.

The gym was renamed on Dec. 16, 2019 as part of a campus-wide partnership with University Credit Union. The venue was previously known as McKeon Pavilion, named after the late George R. McKeon, since its opening in 1978. McKeon was a former member of the Saint Mary's College Board of Regents and a major benefactor towards the building's construction.

The Pavilion is a part of the Brother U. Albert Rahill Activity Center, which also includes Madigan Gymnasium, Saint Mary's Stadium and the SMC Recreation Field. The Center derives its name from the late Brother U. Albert Rahill, "Mr. Saint Mary's", a man who was a Christian Brother for over fifty years and served as President of the College from 1935-1941.

Plaques bearing the names of all the Pavilion's benefactors, a listing of Saint Mary's Athletic Hall of Fame membership, banners featuring retired numbers of "Squirmin' Herman" Wedemeyer, Matthew Dellavedova, Patrick Mills, Anja Bordt and Tom Meschery and several trophies, mementos and team and individual honors of Saint Mary's athletes are located in the building.